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At Charity United we believe that all children in the world have the right to be cared for and the right to be protected – regardless of their race, nationality, or creed. We also believe that the care and education we give to the children of today will shape the future of our world.

New Project: Help African Children

In 1994, Humanity scored a major victory with the official end of Apartheid in South Africa, and while much progress has been made since this date, over 50 percent of the population still lives in poverty, with a large portion of these living in extreme poverty. In the extreme-poverty sectors of South Africa, the so called “squatter camps,” little to no progress has been made. Due to their economic situations, time has essentially stood still since that momentous occasion, and they are still living in the same conditions as they did during Apartheid.

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Important Update – Home for Refugee Families with Children

As you may know, over the past several months, and because of your donations, Charity United has been able to pay for for the rent, utilities, and much of the food and other expenses for a home for refugee families with children, in Greece. We have some exciting changes and news which I would like to share.

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New Project – Homes for Refugee Families with Children

Team Humanity and Charity United have joined forces on a new refugee aid project. We are giving refugees (families with children and pregnant women) the opportunity to move out of cold, dirty, inhuman camps, into warm and safe rooms in a community center.

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