Food for children

Helping Venezuela’s Forgotten Children

Imagine a place where grocery stores often are empty, where you might walk 20 kilometers in scorching heat to reach a gas station for fuel for your car, where water or electricity can be off for a week at a time, and where parents have begun to abandon young children on the streets for lack […]

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Children in line for food

New Project: Futures for Children

Emergency aid is vital: food, clothing, and shelter are the basics of life that every child needs. At the same time, there are long-term solutions that can change a child’s life forever. We are very excited to announce the launch of our next project.

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In November 2015 we set out

The first day of spring

In November 2015 we set out with an enormous task – to provide winter clothing to tens of thousands of refugees as they passed through Macedonia in their search for safety and a future home in Western Europe. Today is the first day of spring. Winter has officially ended.

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