A Charity United Fundraiser

Indian TutorCharity United is working in collaboration with charities and volunteers in India, to provide humanitarian aid and education to children of the poorest areas of the sub continent.

We are providing the training of volunteers, training materials, assistance for slum tutors, and assistance for other volunteers who work with India’s poorest children.

We are improving education quality in poor areas so as to give all children an equal opportunity for a good future. All of the volunteers we work with are unpaid. Funds raised are used for materials, supplies, logistics, and training.

We are working with other like-minded individuals and groups to improve education quality in poor areas. All volunteers are unpaid. Only materials, supplies, and training are paid for. We are helping young volunteers to bring change to their environments.

Funds may also be used to provide food and essential survival needs for children and family, concurrent to providing them with the education necessary to provide them with a route out of poverty.