Children in line for food

Emergency aid is vital: food, clothing, and shelter are the basics of life that every child needs.

At the same time, there are long-term solutions that can change a child’s life forever.

Many of the humanitarian catastrophes and emergency situations we have observed on the ground during past projects could have been avoided if the general population had a much greater awareness of and respect for Human Rights — both others’ rights, and their own.

This is best taught at an early age.

Furthermore, a child without education in the basic skills he needs to survive and prosper will have little chance for a bright future. Such children become prey to exploitation, trafficking, and worse. As we all know, the world of our future will be carried on the backs of today’s children.

Therefore, while we at Charity United will continue to deliver emergency aid as we have in the past, we have decided to also begin to tackle some of the roots of the problems that create these humanitarian situations to begin with. We are very excited to announce the launch of our next project: Futures for Children.  

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