Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Megan Tucker – Founder & Board Chair

Megan Tucker has done thousands of hours of hands-on work, providing relief to men, women, and children living in crisis situations and fleeing war zones. She has traveled throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

With over thirty years of experience in the fields of counseling, child counseling, education, and child care, she has lectured in top boarding schools and universities and has operated relief and educational programs throughout the world, tutoring both adults and children of all ages. She has run an international school for children ages 10 through 16, has worked for one of the top private boarding schools in the United States, and has tutored and mentored in English as a Second Language to Executive Directors and top executives of international organizations.

Her passion, however, has always been helping children.

William Tucker – President & Director

William Tucker has been involved in humanitarian and educational work for over thirty years. His activities have brought him to four continents, where he has dealt in issues related to human rights, drug education, juvenile delinquency, crime prevention, study and teaching skills, personal values, and education in basic business management skills.

Originally trained as a civil engineer, William has over two decades of experience in management, business analysis, statistic analysis, strategy, consultation, establishment, market research, construction management, security, counseling, and human resources. He has traveled in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

As part of his professional career William has been the Vice President of a research laboratory in the United States, specializing in hydro-nano technology. He has retired from this career in order to dedicate his time to education and charity

William is currently engaged in educational projects in India, while working through Charity United to bring humanitarian aid and education to children around the world.

His passion is helping others, by putting them into a state where they can help themselves and others.

Jacobus Lavooij – Director of Public Relations & Director

Jacobus Lavooij has been involved in humanitarian work for over twenty years. He received his personal public relations training from a former Editor in Chief of United Press International, and represented clients in meetings with Ambassadors, Members of Parliament, and celebrities. As a writer, he published in national newspapers and other publications, before he dedicated his life to humanitarian work, running networks of volunteers until he joined our ranks.

Amy Olson – Director

Amy has worked with children and in child care from a young age. She has taught English as a Second Language in high school, and has volunteered for children’s and human rights programs, supporting several nonprofits. Amy has worked in an executive role in delivering emergency aid during several national disasters, including Hurricane Katrina.

Amy has over 25 years of experience as a business consultant and currently works as account services director in a digital marketing company. In her free time, Amy is an animal lover and enjoys singing, dancing, music, and spending time with her own child.

Chelby Dixon – Director

Chelby Dixon started her first business at the age of 18 and has continued as an entrepreneur since. She and a partner founded a successful IT business and served on its board of directors.

Over the last decade, Chelby has founded a successful marketing firm where she continues to be active.

She specializes in marketing strategies, business expansion strategies and market research and analysis. In addition, she is a subject-matter expert in media consulting, political consulting, digital advertising, and public relations.