Current and Past Projects

Tutor and Children in India

Futures for the Children of India

(Current project)

Charity United is working in collaboration with charities and volunteers in India, to provide humanitarian aid and education to children of the poorest areas of the sub continent.

We are providing the training of volunteers, training materials, assistance for slum tutors, and assistance for other volunteers who work with India’s poorest children.  Read more …


Children in Africa

Help Africa’s Poorest Children

(Current project)

Children growing up in squatter camps frequently eat only one meal a day, do not have basic hygiene facilities, and do not have the opportunity to go to preschool. If and when they do make it to school, they are so far behind that they almost never catch up. These children lack nothing in compassion, friendliness, or intelligence. It is simply a matter of not having basic services to allow them to get ahead in life. It is, unjustly and unfairly, a matter of being born in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not having access to basics such as adequate food, clothing, shelter, and education, is a violation of basic human rights. This is just wrong, and is not something that should be tolerated in the 21st century.

Charity United has begun a project to make this right, by taking an active hand in bringing basic human rights to the children in squatter camps. Read more …


Albanian Village School Children

Help Albanian Village School Children

(Current project)

In 2015 and 2016, a group of locals from an Albanian village in Macedonia banded together to help hundreds of thousands of war refugees who were passing the border near their village. Now it’s years later, and the village of Studeničani needs help. The local school children have a lack of shoes. They sometimes have to walk three kilometers to school, through mud, rain, or snow, and without adequate protective footwear.

The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise funds to bring shoes to the children of Studeničani.  Read more …


Thank You Charity United Donors!

Help for Venezuela’s Children

(Current project)

Children in Venezuela have been going hungry, or even starving. They have been being abandoned by their parents for lack of money to feed them, going without basic needs, missing their educations, and coming under the control of human traffickers and criminal gangs.

Imagine a place where grocery stores often are empty, where you might walk 20 kilometers in scorching heat to reach a gas station for fuel for your car, where water or electricity can be off for a week at a time, and where parents have begun to abandon young children on the streets for lack of money to feed them.  Read more …


Megan and Child

Homes for Children

Charity United gave refugee families with children the opportunity to move out of cold, dirty, inhuman places, into warm and safe rooms in a community home in Greece. They could remain there while their asylum applications are processed.

Our home contained bedrooms, a common kitchen and dining area, bathrooms, a school room, and room for children to play.  It was a warm, friendly, welcoming and safe environment.  We housed children, pregnant women, single mothers, fathers, and the elderly. Read more …

Megan Dressing a Refugee Child

Refugee Aid

In November 2015, Megan Tucker founded a movement and a grassroots fundraiser known as Winter Clothes for Refugees. The purpose of the movement was to provide winter clothing to refugees and their children, as they passed through Europe while fleeing war-torn countries. Civilians fleeing war were exposed to the subzero temperatures of the Balkan winter, often without heat, shelter, proper clothing, or any way to obtain it.

More than 100,000 refugees were helped, and we estimate that at least 25% of these refugees were children. Read more …

Operation Nepal

Operation Nepal

Our aim is to bring together a group of individuals and organizations who share a passion for helping those affected by the devastating earthquake of 2015 and who are just as eager to partake into a once in a lifetime adventure! This select group will travel across Nepal over the course of two weeks, visiting some of the most severely affected villages while helping them rebuild their communities, deliver vital products and services, while simultaneously, showcasing to the world how much help the country of Nepal still needs.

Read more …