A family with a few small girls came in last night.

A family with a few small girls came in last night. Two of them were co-operative, sat down where we indicated, and let us change their shoes or give them clothes.

But one little girl was just mad at the world. She refused to do anything we asked – just cried, rebelled and curled up beside her mother. She obviously needed new shoes but would not let me or her mother touch her old ones. When either of us tried to remove her old shoe to check the size, she just cried out angrily and retracted her foot.

I turned to Bejtulla Demiri

“Give me new boots please!”

“What size?”

“I don’t know. Just give me boots and I’ll find the right size after that.”

He handed me some boots approximately her size. I held them up to her and said “Boat?” [Shoes?]

Rebellion over.

Despite herself, she broke out into a shy smile and stuck out her foot. Suddenly my little warrior was a soft bundle of cheerful co-operation.

And then I changed her shoes.

– Megan Tucker

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