Charity United President, William Tucker, at the Mayo College in India, October 2019

William Tucker, President and cofounder of Charity United, brought a small team of volunteers to the Mayo College in Ajmer, India, to deliver a study workshop over a period of several days.

The Mayo College school counselor, in her own words, described the program as “magic.” She had never seen results such as those obtained during this workshop.  Throughout the period of the four-day workshop, we taught students and teachers how to study with

When one knows how to study and learn, education becomes possible. It also becomes possible to help others through their difficulties.

Receiving an Award at Mayo College in India, October 2019

“I have seen my students, who were restless and had difficulties studying, completely change, gain confidence, and gain an excitement about learning. It is like magic! The students are so excited and are sharing this knowledge with their classmates. I want Clarity to come back to Mayo College to teach all the other students how to study as well.” – Mayo College Counselor

We want to thank Mayo College and its Faculty for inviting us. They are dedicated to ensuring that every student is a success. It was a privilege delivering our learning workshop, and it is quite obvious why they are considered the top boarding school in the country.