Friends and supporters of Winter Clothes for Refugees:

You are my heroes. Your incredible support has enabled us to put winter clothing on an estimated 30,000-40,000 refugees so far.

Your donations, your shares on Facebook, the personal contact you have made with friends and colleagues about our cause – all of this is what has made this possible. Yes, I’m the girl in the photos, but you guys are the power behind the scenes.

We have done a calculation on what will be needed in order to continue supplying winter clothing to the refugees at this camp between now and the end of the coldest season. Based on our current rate, and depending on the number of refugees and the weather conditions, the estimate is a total of $115,000 to $150,000 including the $42,725 which has already been donated. I have updated our fundraising page to reflect that. Since we have added shoes to our daily purchasing, and since the snow season has begun, the amount of daily purchasing has increased.

This doesn’t mean I’m asking you all to run for your pocketbooks and empty your bank accounts. We all donate according to our abilities . If you have already donated as much as you are able to according to your financial situation, you can still continue to help tremendously by sharing our activity.

When you share our Facebook page, our fundraising page, our photos, our stories, and our posts – this is more helpful to the refugees than you may realize. This is what allows us to reach more and more people. There are many people out there who want to help the refugees and who have the funds to do so, but who are searching for the best way to go about it. Help us spread our message and our activity, and we can reach more of those people as well.

Thank you for sharing and for all you do!

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